Once the assessment has been completed it will be used to work out how much you will need to pay towards the cost of your care, and the following guidelines apply:

  • If you have savings and capital of less than £14,250 you will receive maximum support towards your care home fees but will usually have to contribute all your income towards the cost less £22.60 per week kept back for your personal expenses
  • If you have savings and capital worth between £14,250 and £23,250 the council will contribute towards the fees of the care home on a sliding scale dependent upon how much you have. However, you will also contribute your income to the fees as above
  • If you have savings and capital worth more than £23,250 you will be expected to pay all of your care home fees until the amount you have goes below £23,250. The council will take into account the value of any property owned as part of this capital calculation unless it qualifies for one of the property disregards. For more information on the treatment of property click here for FirstStop Advice factsheet
  • If you have been assessed as requiring nursing care, the associated costs will be met by the NHS. This will be in the form of a payment made directly to the care home
  • If you have been assessed as requiring a very substantial level of nursing care, the NHS may pay all of your nursing home fees. This is called NHS continuing healthcare and there is national standard guidance that all Primary Care Trusts must follow

Whatever the outcome of the financial assessment, you will be allowed to retain £22.60 as a minimum from your income, a Personal Expense Allowance when you move into a care home, which you can use to spend on whatever you like. This will be deducted from the weekly income that will be used to calculate any charges you may be due to pay and will therefore not be taken into account when your financial contribution is being assessed.

You will also be able to keep any Pension Savings Disregard you have been awarded, up to £5.75 a week if you are single or £8.60 per week if you are a couple.

All of your care home fees should be paid for by social services (unless you pay your own care home fees), and they in turn should invoice you for your assessed contributions.