Once you’ve moved into a care home, you may be asked to sign a contract. This will outline the terms of your stay. But all contracts will be different, so you should ask as many questions as possible about the care that is offered and also about the terms of your stay.

For example:

  • If you went away on holiday, or into hospital, how much will the upkeep of the room cost?
  • Should your needs change, who would become responsible for finding you more suitable accommodation?
  • Under what circumstances could you be asked to leave the home?
  • How much notice would you be given should you be asked to leave?
  • How much notice would you need to give if you decide to leave the home?

It's a good idea to take independent advice before signing a contract.

As well as presenting you with a contract, the home will also provide you with a statement of purpose. This will set out the home’s approach to care, its objectives, the terms and conditions of residing in the home and the services provided.

But the most important document the home will give you is the service user’s guide. This builds upon the statement of purpose and many homes put a copy of it in the bedrooms, so residents have it to hand at all times.