You can hire live-in carers if you need a high level of care. Live-in care can be for short periods, for perhaps when your informal carer (such as a family member) goes on holiday, or it can be a long-term arrangement.

How does this work? Long-term live-in care often takes two forms: a care agency gives you a rota of care workers, each one staying for one or two weeks, with the guarantee of someone to take their place. The alternative is that one care worker can stay as long as necessary.

Live in carers. These carers can provide a greater continuity of care than some other forms of home care as you get to know one or a few carers very well. Live-in workers can also provide you with domestic and personal support, but should have some formal time off each day ā€“ they are bound by the European Working Time and the Minimum Wage Regulations.

What you will need for a carer. Anyone wishing to employ a live-in carer generally needs to provide a bedroom and facilities for them, such as a TV.

Home sharing. Home sharing is only available in a limited number of places in the UK. Home sharing is where a householder offers accommodation in return for companionship and support.

Generally in home shares, householders are in their 80s and have needs varying from companionship to more complex caring requirements. Home sharers must be at least 25 years old and be working or studying during the day. These arrangements are usually for a minimum of six months.